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There are many bisexual dating sites online, it's very important to choose a right dating site for yourself. But how to choose a right bisexual dating site?

At first, Google the bisexual dating site, check its credibility and look the other's comment. The site is right for others may not suitable for you , but if many bisexual peole like it, i think this site must has its charming.

Second, Be open to the idea of sharing bisexual friend.Talking with your bisexual e friends anout your attitude, your feeling, your state, your favorite. I think make friends is equal to "change heart". Everyone wants to make the honest friend, but if they are not sincere , friends don't treat you sincerely .

Third,Self-confidence .Every one should has self-confidence to find and meet a bisexual friends someday.We are bisexual, we are proud of this, because we love women and men, boy and girl, we can date with 3 people. It is so happy for that.